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Where is the Fringe?

The Boundaries

Official venues for the first annual Hollywood Fringe Festival are located within one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the world: Hollywood, California, located in the heart of Los Angeles.

  • The Northern boundary is Franklin Ave, running along the bottom of the Hollywood Hills and a block from Hollywood Blvd.
  • Western Ave. is the eastern boundary, near studios with histories dating back to the golden years of Hollywood.
  • Melrose Ave, a street famous for its boutiques and shopping, is the southern boundary for the festival.
  • La Brea Ave, the western boundary, serves as a gateway to West Hollywood and contains numerous shops, restaurants, and venues.

The Venues

A Fringe Festival by its very nature can change in scope from year to year depending on the venues, places, and spaces that become involved. A Fringe event can be held anywhere, from a traditional theatre to a coffee shop, a club, or the street. Once the festival is underway, the Fringe Guide will contain a map of venues and a listing of all events to assist participants and audience alike.

Why Hollywood?

With its central location and dozens of venues all within walking distance, Hollywood is an ideal home for the Fringe. Our focus is filling this square mile with art, adventure, and opportunity. With hundreds of theatres, galleries, and performance spaces outside of Hollywood, the Festival will no doubt expand beyond the borders of our first year. The journey begins in Hollywood.

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