El Floridita Restaurant

1253 N. Vine St · (323) 871-8612

El Floridita Restaurant in Hollywood was founded in 1987. El Floridita is named after the famous bodeguita in La Habana Cuba, made famous by Ernest Hemingway. El Floridita Restaurant in Hollywood serves authentic Cuban and Caribbean inspired cuisine daily from 11:30AM to 9PM. Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, we welcome you to come experience the most authentic Cuban experience in all of Los Angeles – and just as the original Floridita in La Habana was a haven for old Hollywood; don’t be surprised if you find yourself dining next to some of the world’s most popular artists!

facility services
parking available: yes
bar: yes
cafe: yes
front of house staff: no
technical staff: no
press staff: no
wifi available: no
printing services: no
piano available: no
box office services
box office staff: no
accepted credit cards: no
accepts phone sales: no
box office hours: n/a

participant services
provides housing: no
provides insurance: no
pays registration: no
venue website: www.elfloridita.com

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