Scott Golden

WINNER Top of Fringe, Best Comedy (Absolutely Filthy)

WINNER Best Comedy (Lamprey: Weekend of Vengance)
WINNER Orgasmo Award (Serial Killers: Kitty)

WINNER Best Comedy (Easy Targets)

WINNER Top of Fringe (Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk)
Nomination Best Immersive (Easy Targets: Artists and Heroes)
Nomination Best Musical (The Runaway Clone)
Nomination Best Comedy (Night of the Rootbeer)(we are still sorry about this one)

The Same Room
Revenge of the Rootbeer

Nomination Best Immersive (Welcome to the Neighborhood)

WINNER Best Musical (Di Lady Di)
Nomination Fringe First, Top of Fringe (Di Lady Di)
Nomination Best Solo Show (Queen of Fishtown)