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The Edge of the Universe: a Magic School Bus Musical Parody

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Molly Goes to Middle School

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The King's Language

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College Classified

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#hff22 Workshop #4: Marketing & Ticketing

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2018 Hollywood Fringe Town Hall II: Marketing

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College Classified

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A Time Traveler's Guide to the Present

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Ravens and Writing Desks

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How to write a satirical essay

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Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

daniel hlad · August 25, 2022 certified reviewer
Distilled a ton of details into a digestible story. So much better than the (completely unrelated) biopic, in a lot of ways - the characters were much more developed with redeeming qualities. It was also funny and well acted. ... full review

Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

alomai addams · August 24, 2022 certified reviewer
Very rock and roll, no concealing of the lifestyle the rockstars had. The play brought me back to the 80's with the dialogue, style and American humour. ... full review

Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

anonymous · August 19, 2022 certified reviewer
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colin guthrie · August 19, 2022 uncertified reviewer
Minimalist to perfection. A Masterfully told story of the fight against Scottish Oppression with incredible accuracy. Would kill to see it again. From the moment it began I became increasingly more enchanted with the story being told. Forgetting entirely the world outside and existing only in the world he presented to me. ... full review

Noor Inayat Khan: The Forgotten Spy

mike reyes · August 19, 2022 certified reviewer
Powerful and illuminating, NOOR INAYAT KHAN: THE FORGOTTEN SPY brings new light to one of history's greatest unsung heroes.... full review

Asexuality! The Solo Musical

kyla garcia · August 19, 2022 certified reviewer
Beautiful show, fearless, stunning performance by Rebecca McGlynn. I was deeply moved, laughing and crying often within the same scene. McGlynn’s ability to transform into the myriad characters who people her majestic mind was truly remarkable and seamless. I loved the songs too and Rebecca’s powerful voice. Poignant direction by Heather Dowling (an incredible solo performer in her own right!)— Heather and Jessica Lynn are a dream production team and this show sings with alchemy and resil... full review

Noor Inayat Khan: The Forgotten Spy

david lucarelli · August 13, 2022 certified reviewer
An inspiring story of an Indian royal who found her true calling by risking everything to help innocents escape the German death machine and faced her death with incredible bravery and grace. ... full review

A Time Traveler's Guide to the Present

amanda park · August 08, 2022 uncertified reviewer
I went in with no expectations having booked this show at random. I was blown away. It was truly impressive. The concept, the script and the acting were outstanding. Two words spring to mind - innovative and heartwarming. You can tell a lot work went into prepping this act and it paid off. Congratulations! I tip my proverbial hat to Doug Harvey and Abigail Deser. I hope this work gets the recognition ot deserves. ... full review