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“Great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated that orgasm is the closest some people come to a spiritual experience because of the momentary loss of self. Why is this true? Because with spiritual sex, you move beyond orgasm into a connection with yourself, your partner, and the divine — recognizing them all as one.”
-Alexandra Katehakis – Clinical Director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles

Our Goal: We at Orgasmico Theatre Company LLC would like to single out one production, one performer, and one playwright (or composer) to each receive our O Face Award for forging that all-important connection between artist, audience and the divine, bringing all three together in an explosive* theatrical experience that transcends convention and can only be regarded as “Orgasmic.”


An “Orgasmic Production” could be from any fringe category (comedy, drama, solo, musical, physical theatre etc…) Direction, design and ensemble achievement are all contributing factors of a great show, but ultimately we seek the production that is more than the sum of their parts; the show that doesn’t just take the audience to the edge, but hurls them over, and as they fall faster and faster into the story, their face takes on the shape of an O.
Past winners: Butt Kapinski (Hollywood Fringe 2013) The Wake (HFF 2014)

The “Orgasmic Performer” is a mad priest/priestess who seduces the audience, unites them intimately with the character they are playing, and ultimately brings the whole theatrical ritual to an unforgettable climax*.
Past winner: Michal Sinnot (“White Hot” – Hollywood Fringe 2013) Lee Turnbull (Love Is 2014)

The “Orgasmic Writer or Composer” is bestowed on the individual who literally gets you off with his/her pen. They use language and/or music to sing the human experience in all its absurdity and twisted poetry: the fables, and foibles that aim at the audience’s mind, heart and loins all at once, taking us to a place that lies beyond words – a place where only one letter exists: the letter “O.”
Past winner: Blake Shields (“Double Bind” – Hollywood Fringe 2013) June Carryl “La Bete”


The Selection Process – Myself and one or two other members of my company would reach out to the community to field interest for “O Face” consideration, and after we have seen as many Fringe shows as physically possible, we will deliberate and choose our winners based on the described criteria.


The Award Itself – Each winner is presented with an O Face statuette with their category inscribed and a graphic to use for the purpose of publicity. We will announce winners on our website and in a press release. Word of mouth will do the rest.*

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