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The Unleashed Award is designed to acknowledge and celebrate productions that best exemplify the values outlined in Theatre Unleashed’s mission: to come together as one in order to create truly remarkable theatre with a fresh, thought-provoking approach to original or established works. We will be offering two awards—Most Unleashed Production and Most Unleashed Performance (not gender specific).


Only ensemble shows may submit (musicals, as long as they are ensemble musicals, qualify). At this time we will not be considering solo or cabaret performances.


To be considered, send an e-mail to [email protected] We will request two comps for our judges, and we will contact you to schedule the date they will attend. We will consider as many shows as our schedules permit. Please note—award communication must be via email and not through the Theatre Unleashed fringe account, which has a lot going on. You can contact Courtney Bell with questions.

- Judges will rate the show internally based on all aspects of the production, with the top five rated shows and top five performances receiving nominations, and with the top-rated show and performance winning the award. The production and performance awards may come from different shows.


A certificate and personalized dog collar, unleashed. And glory.

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