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Round Rock

ensemble theatre · theatre unleashed & winner entertainment · world premiere · United States of America

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June 10, 2012 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I only started loving westerns in the last few years, and “Round Rock” was a rocking good time. The relationships balanced nicely with the action, and the layers of history added a nice reality to the story. Especially interesting were some characters struggling with the new rules, new territory and laws newly made in a typically lawless land.

Everyone in the large cast held their own and I especially loved the female special agent, and two actors who played a few different roles and made each one distinct. The real bloodletting of the play reveals itself in the large group scenes, specifically in the hotel at the end of act one. Seeing all of the various characters from different walks of life in one place puts the whole world in perspective.

Some of the tender moments could use a little more time but overall pacing within each scene was measured and good. Transitions could use some tightening and I hope that comes post-first preview.

Everyone’s a little lost in this new world and character arcs (all of them) strengthen Kozak’s script into more than just a fun romp through a beloved genre. I might return to see a later performance and see how the actors relax into their characters.

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