Battlesong of Boudica

the school of night · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

“Battlesong of Boudica” premieres at Fringe!

May 26, 2022

Fringe veterans The School of Night (Klingon Tamburlaine) presents a true theatrical event telling the tale of legendary Iceni Warrior Queen Boudica and her uprising against invading Romans with a cast 16, live music, dance and epic stage combat.

LOS ANGELES – For accomplished stage producers Christopher Johnson and Jen Albert, the decision to bring the legendary story of Iceni Warrior Queen Boudica to Hollywood Fringe came down to a few things: a lack of stories about her in the modern era, an opportunity to explore some current issues and a chance for their company The School of Night to do what they do best…large-scale stage fight spectacles.

Battlesong of Boudica makes its World Premiere this June at The Hudson Backstage.

A Me-Too saga of the iron age, Battlesong of Boudica is a primal spectacle of power and revenge told in song, spoken verse, dance and epic stage violence. Taken from the history of the Iceni Warrior Queen Boudica, famous for her bloody uprising against the