usually haunted

Immersive & Games · tinderbox ensemble · Ages 12+ · family friendly · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

USUALLY HAUNTED follows the life of Benjamin Johnson, a mad poet in search of his place. As the house he lived in shifts hands over time, the audience joins in his surreal journey. Housing, homelessness, art and gentrification are explored in this immersive dramedy, based on a true story and set in a uniquely dynamic space. This World Premiere for the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival is set in an alternative “haunted house” in which audience members may find that they themselves are characters. or ghosts, in the space that comes alive over decades.

‘An urban fable for place and players’ USUALLY HAUNTED is a compelling theatrical experience: a poetic adventure through time and space, the story of the elusive place called home– and why we need it so.

AUDIENCE NOTE: Based to the immersive nature of this show attendees will be encouraged to stand for the performance (6o minutes run time). Limited seating is available and some seating may be assigned. We will accommodate any needs for physical or other ability differences.

Tinderbox Productions is provocative work at the intersection of art, social justice and healing. All invited to pay what you can preview (Saturday June 18). Free admission to people with disabilities and/or lived experience of housing insecurity.

production team

eduardo vega *


cj johnson *

benjamin johnson

melissa ortiz *


seraluna sanchez *


* Fringe Veteran