Life Plan, or Living Your Best Life in a Collapsing World

last to leave · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

Immersive sci-fi satire Life Plan premieres at Fringe

May 01, 2019

Matthew Latkiewicz, creator of truTV’s “You Can Do Better,” and Brian Janosch, former managing editor of The Onion, join forces to present a unique experience that puts audiences in a sales pitch in a dystopian future, bringing a taste of “Black Mirror” to live theatre.

LOS ANGELES – Matthew Latkiewicz has notebooks full of short stories about near-future dystopian conundrums, including what people would be willing to sacrifice for an ideal life in a bleak setting. An acting student turned philosophy major, he also spent a number of years living and working in Silicon Valley’s tech industry before moving to Los Angeles to work in entertainment.

Now, Latkiewicz has combined these passions and experiences into Life Plan, or How to Life Your Best Life in a Collapsing World!, making its world premiere at studio/stage this June as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In Life Plan, it is 2068 and the world (unsurprisingly) has gone to shit. America lies in ruins following Civil