Hell's Finest

immersive theatre · 237 productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

world premiere
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MELISSA KRAMER-SARRETT certified reviewer June 14, 2019
This show did not work for me at all. ... full review
MATT KENNEDY certified reviewer June 14, 2019
tagged as: demonic · black box · small cast · comedy · Horror
A great concept with a lot of potential and some solid performances, but could use some refinement.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 15, 2019
It's hard to dislike anything at Fringe, but this one hit all the wrong buttons. For starters, it's tagged as "immersive", and this is sheer false advertising. The lead actor seemed to be struggling to remember his lines and didn't convey any sense of cult leader charisma, while the rest of cast's monologues were over written and lacked any cohesive tone. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 16, 2019
I want to be constructive but the bottom-line here is that I would strongly recommend giving this a miss in its current form.... full review
RUSSELL EATON certified reviewer June 22, 2019
tagged as: cult · religion · Dark Comedy
Trying to mix a wide array of styles and genres, the play never manages to find a consistent tone. This leaves the audience confused and unmoved.... full review
MATTHEW ROBINSON certified reviewer June 09, 2019
tagged as: twisted · unique · creepy · funny
A unique take on initiation that makes you stop and think about your own allegiances and beliefs. Twisted with a splash of gallows humor it is an experience that will definitely creep you out as much as make you laugh.... full review
MICAH COVER certified reviewer June 09, 2019
tagged as: immersive · occult · Horror · Dark Comedy
Hell’s Finest was all over the map, changing tone and content and even genre with hairpin turns. Sometimes genuinely funny, sometimes genuinely disturbing - and once genuinely terrifying. And I still don’t know what to make of it. In other words, it just might be the perfect Fringe show. Evil mastermind Ashlynn Judy has brought to The Complex a complex immersive experience where it’s hard to know when to laugh or when to be shocked - or when to try both. The audience can’t even catch their breath as they try to catch every character revelation and plot twist from this deft cast. And there’s a chilling cameo produced by a clever theatrical trick that is worth the price of admission alone. And with her offensively young age (if my math i... full review
PATRICK CRONEN certified reviewer June 10, 2019
I really enjoyed this show! the lead actor who served as host did a great job breaking the fourth wall and connecting with the audience. There were moments that felt interactive, and I really liked the three lead characters and how different their personalities and acts of depravity were leading to the show's climax.... full review
ASHLEY MCQUESTON certified reviewer June 09, 2019
Loved it and I’m not a fan of ‘horror’ - I’m sort of afraid of my own shadow! Show was so funny and had just enough ‘creepy’ to keep me on my toes! I didn’t expect to laugh so much! ... full review
JOHN BRAHAN certified reviewer June 09, 2019
Spooky in the best way, and funny in a twisted way. Well casted. Filled with surprises throughout the show. This is a great way to end your fringe outings. ... full review