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Most Massive Woman Wins

ensemble theatre · yridia's company · Ages 12+ · family friendly · United States of America

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Review by TONY RUIZ

June 12, 2018
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What I liked

From start to finish the presentation was perfection. The in sync choreograph portrayed the homogeneous strata cast upon all women that “there is only one perspective of self”; they all moved together as one. Yet, as each portrayal breaks from “Society Expectation” of the norm; the actors face the facets that have distorted their own perspective looking at “why” they are today.

They take the audience along for the ride as you feel their inner chaos, their emotional pain, the anger, hate, and eventual joy as they embrace their person. The change from light to darkness between each scene forces the audience to look inward and quickly assess their own perspective of self.

Job well done to all the actresses. Savannah Rutledge was amazing. Her character portrayal was perfect. She introduced the audience to a shy somewhat insecure person, and takes you through her journey of complete numbness to the pain with a final display of the evidence of the harm of a distorted perceptive of self. Great work Savannah Rutledge and to all the actors.

What I didn't like

No improvement suggested.

My overall impression

Four amazing ladies facing and ultimately overcoming their past and current distorted perception of self. At the most integral point in their lives they choose to accept who they are at the very moment they had each decided to seek physical change to rid themselves of their distorted perception. Awesome message portrayed and conveyed by each individually and collectively.

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