Pure Shock Value

film · furious films · Ages 17+ · United States

world premiere

A feature film from Furious Theatre Company

On a fateful night in the bowels of Hollywood, three Industry bottom-feeders receive the most improbable break when they discover America’s hippest, edgiest living director floating unconsciously in their apartment complex swimming pool. Faced with the opportunity of their lives, they save his life and then decide to force him to watch their movie. What follows is a violent, drug induced, surreal comic journey that takes them into the darkest corner of Hollywood, full of toxic desperation, soul-corroding vanity and as far as possible from Beverly Hills, three-picture deals, and anything else they could have wanted.

June 17 @ 8pm
June 19 @ 6:15pm
June 24 @ 6:15pm
June 25 @ 10:15pm

Production Team

nick cernoch *

actor / associate producer

bradley price *

executive producer

eric pargac *

editor/executive producer

vonessa martin *

actor / executive producer

shawn lee *

executive producer

* Fringe Veteran