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Love After Death

solo performance · happy/sad artist collective · Ages 17+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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Review by ROE MOORE

June 05, 2018

What I liked

I loved the different vignette portrayals that highlighted the parts of anxiety and how they play out in life. My favorite was when she was the attorney and when she brought up the struggle of explaining the weight loss.

What I didn't like

I think it was beautifully executed.

My overall impression

Oh, my god. This was an incredible show displaying the true struggles and challenges of anxiety and love — especially after experiencing painful life events and how hard it is to see reality for what it is rather than pushing the experiences of the past onto the present.

The whole performance touched my heart. Thank you for being so brave to tell this story and to help me and others know we’re not alone in this.

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