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Fear & Blackberries

solo performance · story t media/william fix/argentum · Ages 16+ · flashing lights · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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ALEX HABERMAN uncertified reviewer June 18, 2018
Pea has an incredible range and really strikes an emotional connection with the audience. Very interesting look into someone's life.... full review
TERI THOMAS uncertified reviewer June 17, 2018
This was my first time watching a "one woman show" but will not be my last. Watching Pea, one woman, morph into various characters (and ages) so flawlessly before my eyes, telling a story that captured my attention, brought me to laughter and to tears, but mostly left me in awe of her endless talents. Blackberries, sign language, her mother's words, were all reminders of how we carry our childhood experiences into our adulthood. It was a joy to watch Pea's characters' journey evolve from child to adult, as she challenges her own fears and preconceived notions through experimentation and self-discovery. The show was a joy to watch and I found it very relatable. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 17, 2018
Pea is a one person show, truly able to captivate and tell a story with no cast, no props, just her acting chops and her powerful emotional memory and energy. ... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 02, 2018
"Fear and Blackberries" is a terrific show. Pea Harrison is funny, insightful, and vulnerable in a captivating show that is so engrossing that it only seems like a moment.... full review
ANALISA SIEMSEN certified reviewer June 04, 2018
Pea effortlessly creates time and space and music around her as she leads you through a sometimes heartbreaking but often hilarious examination of her relationship with drugs. ... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 04, 2018
I'd seen an early version of this show in 2017, but it's been refined by Pea Harrison into something incredible. Funny, poignant and perfect for the intimate space it's in.... full review
STEVE CHANG uncertified reviewer June 09, 2018
I highly recommend this show. Pea is a very talented actor and she makes every moment interesting to watch from her dancing to her facial expressions and change in emotions. She takes you to a time in her life and you believe it. Fantastically fun and entertaining show!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 10, 2018
tagged as: tour de force
This show was a tour de force. It was beautifully acted, written and directed. I'm typically not one for actors directing themselves but I don't see how this could be better directed. It was so detailed and so specific and beautifully nuanced. She is truly an acting force to be reckoned with. She deserves full houses. The show is 30 minutes – 30 minutes of beautiful movement, language and acting. Pure – and accessible – theatricality. This is what a one person show should be. ... full review


A show beyond this reality? A one-man cabaret about never, EVER fitting in. Told through four days in the 90's. Described as, "Reinventing the form," "amateur," "musically outstanding," "a waste of time," "earnest, heartbreaking, & real."