Psychodelicate's Magical Playtime

cabaret & variety · alayha aquarian · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

Psychodelicate an interdimensional traveler/Psychonaut/Mystic/Clown is Here Now to spread the Good News of the Multiverse, Opening hearts and expanding minds through interdimensional travel demonstration and practicum. To fulfill on her mission, she’s hosting a variety show, interspersed with lessons from her travels through the multiverse. Psychodelicate and her Psychedelic Clown Jam Band invite you to inquire into the nature of reality and discover the ability to create new ones! It will be fun! May cause mind altering experiences.

May include:
a Hula Hoop, juggling, Fractal Heckling (electric sheep a fractal art screen saver), comedy, clowning, Quantum Physics Theories, Metaphysics, Storytelling, Geometry, Philosophy, Ontology, Existential Detecting, Hermeticism, Mindfulness, breath work, sound, color, healing ritual work, Magical Circus, World class performers.

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Production Team

carrie reinegal *

princess giggles, co-producer

rasika mathur *

nilam auntie

michael rayner *

broken juggler

paul reimers *

speaker, box office

alan rich *

comic magician

alayha aquarian *

psychodelicate, writer, co-director, producer

michael gardiol *

joe borfo, co-producer

matthew quinn *

consulting producer

* Fringe Veteran