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F#@K I Love U: ALIVE!

ensemble theatre · lucky creates... · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 18, 2018

What I liked

The characters were interesting, as well as the premise.

What I didn't like

Some of the dialogue had a lot of exposition…maybe just look for ways to let the information of the tangled family ties and political situations come out in a more natural way…the TV show was a good device in that regard.

My overall impression

I really enjoyed it! Good acting, and explores racial issues in the most complex setting available to us as human beings…the family.

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In Conclusion:

They have it all: cash, charm, and connections. Playing by different rules. So when a boy is found dead and two more stand to hang, justice is under the microscope and we have to ask: how did we get here, where are we going and do we have a choice?


What if that which you identify with suddenly disappeared? In (IM)PERFEKT, Jannica takes us on a journey of exploring and uncovering that which we think we are, have to be and maybe, ultimately aren’t.