Songs of the Fall

musicals and operas · betney renaissance group · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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Review by MIKE REYES

June 07, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Delightful musical score, you ears will be pleasantly thanking you throughout the show. Clever witty dialogue, Unati’s voice rocked the house!

What I didn't like


My overall impression

Haunting beautiful, Writer/Composer Ben Boquist has captured something truly special, The most surprising notion about this story is the difference in whatis being portrayed on the stage in front of you, and how organized religion has historically portrayed the “fall of man” time and time again. This modern retelling is a story at its core about resilience, empathy, and forgiveness. This thought-provoking musical portrays all the characters as equals, whereupon they are all given their own agency. There are even heart-breaking moments where you feel sympathetic for the character of Lucifer/Snake(absolutely stunning performance portrayed by Jackee Bianchi). By the end of the show, there was a permanent smile on my face and I laughed just as many times as I had cried. This is one show that is not to be missed, period.

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