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Portraits: Icons Unveiled

solo performance · art of acting studio · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 25, 2017
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What I liked

This show had amazing performances. One of the many things that blew me away was the creative opening. The wardrobe choices were absolutely amazing.

What I didn't like

Loved it

My overall impression

Talk about sensational. The effort and talent that it takes to bring two of the most influential women in the twentieth century to life, is by no means an easy task. The two actors did an amazing job at creatively bridging two separate one woman shows into a single piece. The Actress that played Lucille Ball, who’s real name coincidentally is Lucy (Lucy Green) was absolutely phenomenal. Her ability to capture not only the Comedic prowess of Lucille Ball, but the stoic undercurrent of determination and poise that the queen of Comedy was forced to possess to overcome sexism, as well as a failing marriage was on display from beginning to end. The next piece was Zelda Fitzgerald, played by Sarah Wheeler. This was the second half of the piece which I was a little nervous going into, because of the high bar set by the dynamic piece of Lucille Ball. I have to say that Sarah delivered. It was hard to watch the downward spiral of Zelda though. Which was a stark contrast from the resilient and successful career of Lucille Ball, as well as Green’s dynamic portrayal. Wheeler’s charm kept the piece from becoming too much of a self-deprecating story. Wheeler brought life to what could have been a lifeless story, and brought a nice balance to the show as a whole. Personally I have to admit that Lucy Green’s portrayal of Lucille Ball stole the show for me. This show is must, both actors were amazing. Wishing both of them great success.

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