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Charlatan: Secrets of the Victorian Psychics

cabaret & variety · scalding tea productions · ★★★★★ · Ages 12+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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June 20, 2017 original article
tagged as: spiritualism · spooky · magic · mystery · Hypnosis

What I liked

Boy, am I glad I saw this! This immediately has become one of my favorite shows of the Fringe festival.

The deceivingly simple premise of a Dr. Mark Gasson lecturing about spiritualism and the tricks of turn-of-the-century mediums becomes a wonderfully clever demonstration on the power of suggestion, hypnotism and the gullibility of the human race. Touching gently on people’s optimism and how that can make us vulnerable to trickery and manipulation by dishonest people, the show is a fascinating mix of creepy and empowering. Part lecture, part magic, part psychology… this is a show that I truly wish had a longer running time. I did not want this one to end.

What I didn't like

I wanted it to continue. The information being discussed is so fascinating the show flies by and I wanted it to last much longer.

My overall impression

One of my favorite shows, part lecture part demonstration part history lesson… all of it fun and fascinating.

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