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cabaret & variety · magic bros · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 20, 2017 · original article

What I liked

Take four top notch magicians, give each of them a few minutes to charm or amaze or fool an audience – what do you get? Pure fun. This Fringe show is a gem.

Each magician is different in style, so the show constantly shifts in tone. This adds to the fun as the men poke fun at each other and their achievements. Mixed into the proceeding is some audience participation and voting rounds which leads to each show unfolding differently. Each magician is given a chance to shine and they make the most of it, highlighting their individual styles and uniqueness. The tricks ranged from amusing to full on amazing.

Also, the final group trick in particular had us trying to figure it out for quite a while after the show, it truly felt like we were witnessing something physically impossible to achieve. This is a Fringe show I want to see a second time!

What I didn't like

The format certainly worked, but I wondered if there could be more of a competitive edge to the proceedings? The show has such a fun, casual vibe to it overall, but part of my fun was knowing we would get to vote for our favorite guy… I wonder if the addition of another competitive round might up the fun level?

My overall impression

The chance to see four highly skilled magicians in one show is not to be missed. Extremely fun and delightful!

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