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Solomon: King, Poet & Lover - A Play About 1 Man & 700 Wives

solo performance · freed productions · Ages 10+ · family friendly · one person show · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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"5 Stars for 'Solomon'...Witty, Engaging & Thoughtful"

June 11, 2017

Solomon: King, Poet & Lover – A Tale of 1 Man & 700 Wives

Marcus J Freed, 310 880 1574, [email protected]

WHAT: A comic play, “Solomon: King, Poet & Lover – A Tale of 1 Man & 700 Wives”


MORE: He married 700 wives, built the Temple in Jerusalem, wrote three books of the Bible…but Who Was King Solomon? This funny & fast-paced rollercoaster of a play combines wit, physical theatre, Shakespearean parody and deep Biblical wisdom.  SOLOMON: KING, POET & LOVER is packed with fun and layered with meaning. The 60-minute performance is moving, thought-provoking and unforgettable. Marcus J Freed plays King Solomon, 700 wives, 300 concubines, Court Accountant and Chief Eunuch.

Critics & admirers have said that Marcus J Freed’s performance is hilarious. Solomon is a Biblical comedy that takes you on a satirical rollercoaster ride through the life of King Solomon, Mar


SIGNS w/ Jonathan David

Born to Deaf parents with substance issues, Jonathan David takes us on a hilarious and inspiring first hand account of his and his parents upbringing, his own battles with addiction, and their own continued recovery. Spoken word with ASL Interpreter.

The medicine you need!

This show... "... is soul medicine, powerful and healing.... it assaults our comfort with a fierceness that would make Antonin Artaud and Berthold Brecht proud.” -Mark Hein "... is the beautiful medicine you need.” – Scathach Cotter