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The Tempest: All Women Cast

ensemble theatre · say yes collective! · Ages 14+ · United States of America

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June 14, 2017

What I liked

The way this ‘old chestnut’ was re-imagined with an all-female cast (not just the fact it was all female).
The precision of the characters and the language—too often Shakespeare lends itself to mood rather than action.
The energy which kept going, as well as the unexpected but delightful quirks which made the characters so vivid.

What I didn't like

OKay, the “wedding vision” wasn’t much. But that is a really difficult thing to pull off.

My overall impression

Shakespeare’s major works end up done so often the challenge lies in making them not only good but fresh. This company and production achieved both (although I suspect some jokes went over my head, not being a regular fan of OITNB)! In particular the really difficult roles—Miranda, Ferdinand, Sebastian and Antonio—ended up engaging and real.

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