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The Rise and Fall of Dracula

immersive theatre · cadame co. · Ages 16+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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June 04, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: immersive · intense · movement · dark · thrilling · unique · excellent

What I liked

Incredible movement and all around powerfully cast show! Very cool experience you’ll want to be a part of.

What I didn't like

Occasionally couldn’t see the action, but that was because of audience members not being considerate!

My overall impression

This was a really intriguing, fully immersive theatrical experience— I felt totally transported by the ambiance— candles, white sheets, and a mysterious cast ushered us into our experience and lined us up, and the entire first scene of the show took place ina narrow corridor. The piece integrates dance, movement and some REALLY intense stage combat, all happening inches away from the audience— I honestly have no idea how they manage not to kick someone in the face, the precision of movement is so crisp! This is not a show you’ll get to tune out during— scenes move through the space, audience is moved around, and sometimes you might even wind up in the scene somehow! The performers were all absolutely amazing, which is why I would above all else praise this piece as ensemble— there was no weak link, everyone moved beautifully, the big combat moments were impressively visceral, the acting was engrossing, even the dialects were great! My only problem was sometimes in smaller spaces the audience didn’t fully get in a room or sometimes people would block the view without considering the five people behind them, but that’s more of a “people suck” problem than the show— I suppose maybe a preshow announcement about filing in and keeping sight lines open could improve the audience’s practices. But that was only for a couple scenes, and overall I felt totally engaged and sucked into this world!

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