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The Spidey Project

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June 04, 2017
tagged as: musical · superhero · black box · Spiderman

What I liked

The sheer gusto of the songs and performers. The timing! The way it captures the feel we get from the best of the superhero mythos, plus the sometimes zany way it did riffs on the characters (the talk of Uncle Ben and Aunt Mae’s sex life for example—and Peter’s utter horror at the idea). The way small characters were allowed to shine. And yeah, the whole cast.

What I didn't like

Well, honestly I didn’t like the stereotype of journalism as essentially self serving and driven by vanity rather than any concern for the truth. But that is just me.

My overall impression

This is what musicals are often best at, and this may be the single best adaptation of SPIDERMAN I’ve ever seen.

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'Til Death...

A night of celebration. A stunning revelation. A bond's cessation. Happy Anniversary, Kev & Steph. After tonight, things will never be the same.


CORINA: FROM LAP DANCE TO SUNDANCE is a one-woman show about finding purpose and direction to a life long dream in the least likely of places. A story of family, tradition and perseverance. SC Honorable Mention- HFF19