Hello World!

ensemble theatre · rook theater · Ages 15+ · New Zealand

family friendly world premiere
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June 15, 2016 discover hollywood magazine

What I liked

The virtual reality concept mixed in with the theatrical experience was definitely really interesting and I greatly enjoyed that aspect. I also give huge props to the gentleman that was helping get everyone set up because I’m sure that some of it must be very frustrating dealing with all of the levels of technology and people who may not be so experienced and he did a great job at helping everyone out and having the patience to do so.

What I didn't like

The story was very hard to follow. I thought that maybe it was about evolution, but without a lot of dialogue and switching back and forth between VR to onstage to different scenes, I did not quite grasp what the story was about.

My overall impression

Hello World definitely deserves some praise for bringing the virtual reality experience to theatre in a very unique and interactive sort of way. With your very own smartphone and headphones and borrowed Google Cardboard, Hello World becomes a production acted out before your eyes in person and in virtual reality. Bringing such new technology into a situation where there are a variety of people, some who are not so technologically inclined, definitely brought its troubles. During the performance that I attended, a number of Android telephone users had trouble because their phones were not compatible with the VR technology and a few others just had some trouble setting up their phones for the experience. However, the gentleman who was helping walk through the setup and providing some spare phones for the performance was incredibly patient and accommodating to all of the guests. The virtual reality itself was quite amazing to see, especially the scene where a girl is crawling naked on your screen. She proceeds to find clothing and put them on and then when you take off your Google Cardboard, there she is on the stage wearing that exact outfit she put on in the video. The actual story for Hello World was quite difficult to follow, with or without the virtual reality mixed in. If you have an iPhone, an updated Android, and are interested in a new technology/theatre experience, Hello World is definitely worth checking out.

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