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June 19, 2016 discover hollywood magazine

What I liked

This was a brilliant way to look at mental illness and love. I’m always happy to see a more realistic love story ending as well because we don’t always get a happy ending in life. I also appreciated the added bonus of having a mental illness center provided to us.Both actors did a phenomenal job in their respective roles and it was very very true to life.

What I didn't like

My overall impression

Even in 2016, Mental Illness is an often-overlooked disease. Many people believe that if you cannot see that someone is sick, they are just faking it. Others believe that people make a choice to be happy and those that are not happy just choose to be sad or upset. Sometimes drugs and pills can help mental illness while therapy and psychologists help others. Mental illness, like drug or alcohol abuse, cannot but cured but instead must be carefully looked after and watched. Chemistry takes a brilliantly dark but bold look at a love story between two completely different people with two completely different mental illnesses and two completely different approaches to their disease but falls completely in love with one another. Steph is depressed, but not just depressed; it is in her blood because she comes from a long line of depression. Jamie is an overachiever who has gone off the deep end because his illness speeds up his mind and his actions and he just cannot stop. They meet at their mutual psychiatrist’s office and start a relationship that unexpectedly leads them to love. Even though they both come from different worlds, for a while they seem to make it work. Sometimes, not all love stories have a happy ending and Chemistry is a dark and twisted ride down the beautifully winding road that is love.

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