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My Big Fat Blonde Musical

neon watching day productions · Ages 14+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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Review by ERIC CIRE

June 06, 2016

What I liked

Theresa is a great performer who holds absolutely nothing back, and her talent is highlighted terrifically by the music and lighting. The musical numbers are fun and build nicely to an awesome climactic piece that had everyone in the theatre losing their mind.
I feel it’s important to mention that this show does a really, truly impressive job of making sure that the audience is consistently treated like an important part of the show. While a great platform for showcasing Theresa’s talent and strength as a performer, it never devolves into a self-indulgent show by any means, always engaging the audience and giving off the genuine sensation that she wants to be sure you’re having a great time.

What I didn't like

Very little. The production values are slim, but only in a way that tends to suit Fringe, so go in with appropriate expectations and have them pleasently exceeded at every turn.

My overall impression

This is a great show at the perfect time for a place like Los Angeles. With calls for inclusivity finally being listened to (if not always heard), it’s great to see a talented performer like Theresa sharing the trouble she’s had being seen by the overly exclusive, narrow ideals of Hollywood, and showing exactly why they’re missing out by doing so. Go see it, have a great time, and add this incredibly talented young woman to your roster of people to keep an eye on.

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