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family friendly world premiere

In the not-so-distant-future, greed, pollution, and The Ancient Fire of Death and Despair have made Earth’s surface uninhabitable, forcing the human race to survive underground in a criminal society known as THUG TUNNEL. But subsisting on rations of rat scraps isn’t the worst part of living in a sewer. A pair of tyrants, Breakin’ Necks Becky (Nikki Muller) and Stabby Rick (Dave Reynolds) have taken over an isolated community below The Surface. No one dares to defy the violent rulers until a young Tunnelborn named Petunia (Kat Primeau) and her lovesick sidekick Panther (Chris Bramante) decide to make a break for the world above. An old Tunnel sage named Trash (Miles Crosman) and the phosphorescent Yogurt Stew (Molly Dworsky) must aid them as Petunia and Panther journey through the Double Darkness, into the Maze of Infinite Confusion, and past the Great Grate to see if life on Earth’s surface is possible once again.


“Robot Teammate creates musicals for the millennial generation. This is the fresh, adventurous direction that we desire this form to evolve into… I can’t wait to see what they bring next.” – Gia on the Move

“Don’t miss what is sure to become a Fringe legend…an electrifying good time…brilliant cast – MUST SEE!” – LA Music Critic

“This show is so brilliantly entertaining for so many reasons – infectious music, creative story, memorable characters, hilarious one-liners… all of this combined results in the best musical – if not show! – at Fringe this year!” – LA Music Blog

“FRESH – entertaining and engaging from beginning to end. Thug Tunnel is a gritty and contemporary new Fringe musical that takes the audience on a whirlwind adventure full of catchy dance music and vivid characters…guaranteed good time" – Tin Pan LA

“Smart and exceptionally appealing…if you want to understand the kind of funny becoming more and more in demand today, or to attract a younger audience, this is a good example of what works. The whole show is a little absurd and kind of wrong but so completely hilarious that you’ll be hooked from the get-go.”- Musicals in LA

“A fast-paced 1980’s laugh riot…The performances all hit home, engendering not only uproarious laughter, but an unexpected poignancy.” –


“Thug Tunnel, is brilliant, smart, funny, nerdy and ahead of its time and I want to see this show become a success outside of HFF16 because it has that kind of potential.”

“Sexy, funny, fast-paced musical show!!”

“Fringe Faves from 2015 back to rock 2016!”

“Robot Teammate does it again!! You simply CANNOT miss this show! By far one of THE BEST shows I have seen at Fringe! It’s got my vote for Best Musical!”

“If you can see only one show at Fringe, GO SEE THUG TUNNEL.”

“Full of interesting, funny characters with surprising emotion depth”

“Brilliantly entertaining for so many reasons”

“Infectious music, creative story, memorable characters, hilarious one-liners… all of this combined results in the best musical – if not show! – at Fringe this year!”

“The fun they are having onstage is infectious.”

BEST MUSICAL at Fringe by far, don’t miss it!”

“I laughed, I cried and I was surprised.”

“Robot Teammate does it again. They are by far one of the best-rehearsed, put-together shows at fringe and they all seem to have fun doing it together.”

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