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pinraven · Ages 16+ · includes nudity · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 17, 2016
tagged as: brilliant · hilarious · A Must See!

What I liked

Brendan Hunt and Lauren Van Kurin are comedy geniuses, and this show is hilarious and amazing. I loved the structure of the show, the staging, every little detail. The performance and direction were spot-on. I loved it all.

What I didn't like

There isn’t a single thing I didn’t like about this show… Except the audience member who didn’t realize she was not supposed to respond aloud and refused to take the hint to stop. But even that became an opportunity for Brendan to seamlessly improvise a dressing-down that only enhanced an already-fantastic scene.

My overall impression

I brought my kinda-conservative, not-really-theater-people parents to see this show at 11pm on a Thurs, and they laughed their faces off and walked away raving about how brilliant it was. That’s because it’s so freakin’ good, it transcends even my poor, unsuspecting parents’ usual boundaries. I laughed until my stomach hurt. Everyone should see this show.

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