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musicals and operas · stealfire productions · Ages 6+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 21, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

I enjoyed the creativity of the “Fairy Tale Story” with an up to date “Reality Show”. Hilarious concept along with the adorable Princesses! Loved Cinderella & Red Riding Hood! The Evil Queen was Fabulous! Always need an Evil Queen in these Fairy Tales. Don’t want to spoil the story, but, very happy with the “Charming” finale!

What I didn't like

Timing was a bit off for a few moments.

My overall impression

Thoroughly enjoyed “Charming”! Very clever & upbeat with a great surprise ending! Laughed at many “fairy tale moments”! Reminded me a bit of “Shrek”, with the twisted fairy tale characters. Definitely would enjoy seeing this again.

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Motivational. Transformational.

A gripping story that will ENGAGE, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE YOU. It blends humor & the passion we all share to live an epic life. In his unconscious moment of death, Mike reaches out to his sons with loving messages to live big, purposeful lives.

Mil Grus

LA’s premier bouffon troupe: a motley crew of miscreants have crawled out of the gutter to make you question reality. Our feats of physical and existential comedy defy explanation and provoke unfettered, eery glee. Come see what's behind the curtain.