Bump in the Night: Tales of Monsters & Fools

ensemble theatre · the paper mache company · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

The cast needs your help! They are hot on the trail of the Werewolf-Arachnid of East Hamburg, NJ but have lost their way in the dark. With your flashlight, you can shed some light on…
Their fears…
Their secrets…
…on the frightening and hilarious “monsters” within them that make them just like us…human.

Inspired by shows like “Destination Truth” and “Ghost Hunters,” BUMP IN THE NIGHT takes a light-hearted, but honest look at the stories, lies and secrets we tell ourselves and each other when we are scared. As the cast fumbles around in the literal dark looking for a “werewolf-arachnid,” we will use our flashlights to illuminate their laughter and their pain.

Production Team

maggie rubin *

actor - addison

alexis brandt *

actor - bailey

delaney smeal *

actor - campbell

esther eden *

actor - dakota

* Fringe Veteran