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The Video Games

mb stage productions · Ages 14+ · family friendly · flashing lights · United States of America

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June 14, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

As someone who’s been playing video games since he was old enough to walk, this show was a dream come true for me. If you’re looking for a show that speaks to your inner child, look no further. Gamers, geeks, nerds, improv lovers and stage combat fanatics, unite! This is one show you cannot miss. The Video Games features a wonderfully talented ensemble that really brings all of your favorite video game characters to life. And they know how to get down and dirty! The stage combat is as hilarious and entertaining as the characters themselves. Furthermore, with a show as stage-combat heavy as this, what’s really impressive is that with this many characters, there are over 150+ different possible fighting scenarios that have ALL been choreographed. There is a fight for every match-up you can think of. It really is a new show every time! From the second you approach the door and are greeted by all the characters to the final fight, you really feel like you’re in a world of your own making. The ensemble as a whole is terrific and every performer stands out in their own way but among my favorites were the Hosts: J.P. Rapozo (Mario), Julian Vlcan (Wario), Elise Golgowski (Zelda) and Amber Lawson (Jigglypuff). Among the Fighters, I loved Amanda Newman (Pikachu), Trevor Fisch (Scorpion), Harris Markson (Donkey Kong) and Alina Maris (Commander Shepard, or FemShep, for the Mass Effect fans). But again, ALL inspired performances! Hats off to the music and sound designer, Laura Wiley, as well for providing the perfect soundtrack to this spectacle!

As someone who’s participated in Fringe for the last two years, this show is hands-down the most fun I’ve had at the festival. A memorable night of improv and brawling! Go see The Video Games!!! It’s a winner!

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Sometimes love becomes transparent, but is it too late? Through the course of one evening, Nick and Alysha ultimately remind themselves how deep their love is. A knock on the door, however, brings the world crashing down around them.