The Best of Albuquerque Fringe 2025

comedy · village idiom productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere

Albuquerque Fringe invades Hollywood Fringe…from the future!

May 29, 2015

“The Best of Albuquerque Fringe 2025” explores the growing popularity of Fringe festivals in this hysterical meta-parody romp by the celebrated Village Idiom Productions.

LOS ANGELES – Two years ago, as writer/actors Jim Blanchette and Jacob Smith were waiting for a quick load in for their Hollywood Fringe festival show, evading incontinent birds in an alley and talking about what Fringe artists go through, they started forming ideas for the “fringiest” of Fringe shows. At the same time, their colleague Corey Lynn Howe and her company Village Idiom Productions presented an acclaimed version of the hit musical [title of show] and experienced both successes and challenges all their own. As they talked over drinks at Fringe Central, what the three quickly realized is that Fringe is about a lot more than the artists and their shows, it’s also about hard work, camaraderie, ambition, drinking, frustration, varying levels of talent, lunacy and, at many times, absolute absurdity.

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