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Breaking Bard

comedy · the porters of hellsgate · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 08, 2015
tagged as: clever · bard · shakespeare · Breaking Bad
#SeeItLA - This is well written, clever and well acted. In a quick 60 minutes, writer Gus Krieger, who also plays Walter White, is able to tell the entire story of all 5 seasons of the hit TV show Breaking Bad through reworked Shakespearean speeches. Kreiger includes several of Shakespeare's most famous speeches, including Twelfth Night's seven ages of man speech reworked into the seven stages of meth cooking. It is very clever. It can stand on its own, but will definitely be funnier to Shakespeare and Breaking fans. So brush up on your bard, brush up on your bad and bring your strawberry embroidered hanky because you just might laugh so hard that you cry.... full review
ELLEN DOSTAL certified reviewer June 07, 2015
This theatrical parody of a TV favorite has Fringe hit written all over it. Get your tickets now because the theater only has about 40 seats and this show is quickly going to sell out. It should. Gus Krieger‘s writing is smart, compact, wickedly funny, and exactly what you hope it will be when you picture a Walter White world with William Shakespeare dialogue. The show is full of surprises but far be it from me to spoil them for you. I’ll only highlight one bit of brilliant writing; Krieger’s transformation of Shakespeare’s “Seven ages of man” into the “seven stages of cooking meth.” It’s worth the price of admission for that speech alone. Characterized by fast-paced scenes that establish the chronology, hit the joke, land, and move on... full review
PAULINE ADAMEK certified reviewer June 19, 2015
Follow the link (“original article”) for our Exit Review of "Breaking Bard", which is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015. Guest review by Kurt Gardner - Exit Reviews is a new series of ‘vlogs’ or video reviews presented by ... full review
HETTIE HURTES certified reviewer June 25, 2015
If you're a fan of Breaking Bad you HAVE to see this show. It's a brilliant homage to one of TV's most brilliant series, performed in perfect "Shakespeak" complete with quotes from the Bard that fit perfectly into the story. It's quite incredible that Gus Krieger was able to tell the entire tale in under an hour complete with many of the memorable details from the series. They even had Marie wearing purple for heaven's sake! The cast, several of who portray various characters, is brilliant, each one taking on the look and demeanor of the series' original. If I say much more, and I'd love to, I'll spoil I'll just leave it at this: Breaking Bad fans THIS IS A MUST SEE!... full review