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Branson the Sitcom

comedy · sam burkett entertainment · Ages 13+ · family friendly · United States of America

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June 22, 2015
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tagged as: fun · Family Friendly · singing · comedy

My overall impression

“Not quite AMAZING, but mutch better than PRETTY GOOD
I read the concept of Branson the Sitcom and thought I’d give it a look. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the show, with only a couple of small issues.
The good: The two leads Chelsea O’toole and Kristine Sisco did a fine job of bringing their quirky characters (Lisa & Minette) to life and Sisco’s comedic timing of her manic and somewhat dopey character Minette brought more than a couple of laughs. The actress portraying Lisa’s mother was fine, but far too soft spoken for the venue and was difficult to hear as there are no mics. Mckenzie Burke & Jaiden Geller did a fine job playing Lisa’s children as they argued and made sarcastic comments on the rode trip. Standouts were BJ Lange (playing Larry Gillis) as the country mechanic (à la Gomer Pyle) at the gas station where the group broke down and the young Alyssa Deboisblanc (playing Patty Gillis.) Although Bj’s part was small, his comedic timing was BIG and his character was a favorite. Then “Blake Tillman” introduces “Patty Gillis” saying he couldn’t believe such a big voice could come from such a small package, and boy was he right! As the little Ms. Deboisblanc belted out Silver Threads and Golden Needles without a microphone I was left wanting to hear more out of that small package!
The small issues: They had an audience “warmer” who was sweet enough, but didn’t seem prepared to run her comedy and almost seemed confused a couple of times and uncomfortably asked personal questions of the audience. She did do some trivia with small prizes which was fun and went over well. I would have preferred a little more genuine dialog and a little less radio sing-a-longs by Lisa & Minette as I was thinking enough already by the forth or fifth song. This is not to take away from the overall solid concept of the writer, director, producer, Sam Burkette, who I think with a little tweaking could take this to the small screen.
Overall I give it a big thumbs up and recommend you take a half hour and catch “Branson the Sitcom” at the Dorie Theatre while you can!

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