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Total Novice

solo performance · jadelake productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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It's not very often that I find myself sitting in an audience where everyone is so in tune with the person on the stage and with each other. The only times we weren't collectively on the edge of our seats, holding our breath, waiting for what was to come next -- was when we were collectively laughing at what just happened. Discussing the show afterwards, my friends and I were surprised at how much the unusual events in this crazy night-in-the-life of storyteller David Rodwin resonated so strongly in each of our own lives. My advice: The less you know going in the better. Don't even watch the promo reel. Just let yourself be carried off on this amazing ride.... full review
SARAH TUFT certified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: funny · human · touching · goofy · guy stuff
David Rodwin is a natural storyteller so it's no surprise to learn that Spaulding Gray thought so too and took him under his wing. But David's less stylized performing style, though still as dramatic, is more human and therefore more touching. He's a relatable goofball whose conscious keeps interfering with his baser instincts. David's story is pretty great, but it's the storyteller's journey through it that really grabs you. Great choices in lighting and blocking help move this story along as well as give you pause to think and feel.... full review
JUDITH RODWIN June 23, 2014
Some people might question whether the artist's mother should have seen this show. Kinda dicey material. BUT, David is such a remarkable story teller that I couldn't miss it. His story is fraught with potential disaster, insight, touching sweetness, drugs, sex and, well you go see it and find out. Did I mention that he's really funny and startling naive? It would be a wonderful movie but until then, it's a wonderful story.... full review
KEN FISCHMAN June 23, 2014
Thank you for your marvelous performance, David. You have triumphed again with your scintillating one man show. Bravo... full review
AKIVA POTOK certified reviewer June 08, 2014
One man on a stage, and the story rivets you to your seat for 75 minutes. A strange, unbelievable, and quietly wondrous true story. ... full review
TARA PRICE certified reviewer June 08, 2014
A riveting, profound performance from David Rodwin who creates such an intimate atmosphere you feel like you're sitting next to your buddy at the bar hearing him tell you the craziest of stories. Most impressive was not just the hilarity of it all but the sheer, raw vulnerability that Rodwin unabashedly shares with the audience. He's such a superb storyteller you'll want to laugh and cry with him all at once. Bravo to director Adriana Colon and designer Aaron Francis as well. A fantastic show not to be missed!... full review
JEFFREY AUERBACH certified reviewer June 09, 2014
This is an outstanding show! For 75 enthralling, funny, and at times poignant minutes, David Rodwin tells the story of an amazing night he had about a decade ago. It is in the finest tradition of Spaulding Grey, with whom David apprenticed, but so much better. David is charismatic and engaging, and a very accomplished actor, delivering his lines in an impressive variety of different styles and modes. The lighting, staging, and minimal props all enhanced the show. Highly recommended!... full review
J WARNER June 24, 2014
Master storyteller David Rodwin brings us a fantastic true-life tale here which will resonate with anyone who has ever thrown caution to the wind in the quest for adventure and human connection. It's an outstanding amount of generosity with which David shares his own foibles and mistakes, along with some raucously funny hijinks and deeply poignant insights. Add to that an elegant design scheme by longtime collaborator Aaron Francis, and the recipe for success is complete!... full review
MICHELE JUSKO June 25, 2014
David Rodwin has a rare storytelling gift. Total novice was a compelling journey from beginning to end with great humor and heart. The audience was left wanting to know more about this wild and crazy once in a lifetime experience...... full review
PURPLE EMIE June 28, 2014
Much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. What a tale, what a trip ... not to be missed!... full review

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