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I Want to Bury My Testimony

solo performance · mylipsis productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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REBECCA BUSH certified reviewer June 23, 2014
This show is a MUST SEE! Scott did an outstanding job relaying his feelings and experiences as a gay man raised in a Mormon world and in a straight world. Very insightful and very entertaining. His use of humor was poetic and his stage performance was AMAZING! The audience was taken through a range of emotions while following Scott's journey. Great theatrical production! Well done, Nick Drago! Well done.... full review
KATHERINE MILLER certified reviewer June 24, 2014
tagged as: one man show · dramedy · identity
Had me in the palm of his brave, sexy hand from the first moment. What a delightful button pushing ride. Amen.... full review
MICHAEL HIGGINS certified reviewer June 24, 2014
tagged as: awesome · hilarious · heartfelt
What an excellent show! Surprised at every corner.. Scott Hislop's amazing storytelling took us on a hilarious and heartfelt ride. I am thankful to bear (bury) witness! ... full review
ADAM PARSON uncertified reviewer June 24, 2014
I've always known Scott Hislop was talented, and he just took it up to another level! He deftly moves in and out of his emotions, while navigating himself and his audience through growing up as a "Gay" "Mormon" child to his discovery of not having to bear those "Labels" This funny, poignant, intriguing(I have so many new questions for Scott) thought provoking, body of work, which was wonderfully directed by Kelleia Sheerin, will keep you engaged from "Lights Up!" Congratulations on a wonderful production, this is a MUST. SEE. EVENT! ... full review
WENDY HAMMERS certified reviewer June 26, 2014
Should win best of the fringe An extraordinary, dynamic, honest, hilarious and moving play. I am running out of adjectives and you should run and see this show. One more performance. If you are lucky enough to snag a ticket, do. Oh, and you can thank me later. Scott HIslops' gorgeous performance of his wonderful play are only made more dynamic under the skilled eye of the clever direction of kelleia sheerin. A really amazing evening in the theatre. Enjoy! Wendy Hammers... full review
PETER DOWNING uncertified reviewer June 14, 2014
Damn fine work people! I attended the opening and he crushed it. The audience was him from go. Tight, compelling, poignant and funny, funny, funny! Under an hour too. That's impressive in itself. Scott dances, sings and acts like it's 2nd nature. Strong writing and direction combined with his stage chops make this a sure hit of the festival. ... full review
LAURIE SPOSIT certified reviewer June 15, 2014
A truly entertaining, thought provoking, authentic, funny, and smart performance by Scott Hislop. Supported by great direction and an energy that keeps the audience completely engaged, this is a must see show!!... full review
BILL PRUDICH certified reviewer June 17, 2014
A thoughtful, funny, heartbreaking, joyous, belligerent and thoroughly enjoyable evening. Well written and intelligently produced, whether you are gay or not you will connect with the challenges of growing up in a world that does not always look kindly on you. Scott Hislop acted, sang, danced and charmed his way through the show aided by Kelleia Sheerin's seamless direction. Kudos to all involved. Do yourself a favor and go see this entertaining production. ... full review
DANA FUKAGAWA certified reviewer June 29, 2014
Best live performance I have seen in a long time! Wonderfully brilliant performance by Mr. Scott Hislop and the production team behind this great show. A true triple threat! Highly recommend seeing this show!!... full review
JILLIAN SCHMITZ uncertified reviewer June 29, 2014
I experienced this show to be an exploration of gender stereotypes, addressing harmful social expectations, shining light on religious expectations, all while following one mans quest to be his authentic self. Laughing crying, gripping and smart this show fed all my senses. Inspirational, brave and courageous -the talented lead and creator Scott Hislop not only 'Buries his Testimony' but he inspires everyone else to do the same. Never a dull moment, I witnessed this show to be bright and exciting, and Hislop's 'testimony' has changed me for the better. ... full review