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Harold & Stella: Love Letters

comedy · stella! productions · Ages 13+ · United States

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June 14, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

The story of Harold and Stella was fascinating. I was surprised by the ending, and the film clip after the show of actual footage of Ms. Adler was the icing on the cake. The actor who played Harold the night I attended did a great job. Granted, his letters were more entertaining and emotional, so he had more to work with. The Stella was beautiful and had a lovely voice, but I felt she could have put more feeling into her role. I rarely got the sense that hers were actually love letters. They were amazing, however, in their description of the New York night life at that time period and the famous people she associated with. I found it humorous that Stella complained of poverty, yet slept til nearly noon every day, lunched out with friends, and had a full social life in the evenings as well. Apparently standards were much higher in those days. This play is a must-see for fans of American theater history, fans of romance, and fans of the written word. Skype is a wonderful thing, but in fifty years, there won’t be any plays like this written about our era. Go see it and buy the Stella Adler biography!

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