Friends Like These

theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · United States of America

WORTH THE TICKET “…the level of emotional intelligence, language and teen experientiality of the material is pretty spot on, thus, important enough to sit through and relevant as all hell.” – Tracey Paleo, STAGE RAW RECOMMENDED “Crafts does a good job of capturing the nightmare of daily abuse… and offers sympathetic insight into those unpopular teens who are pushed to a murderous breaking point.” – Pauline Adamek, Stage Raw / ArtsBeatLA Garrett is an outsider with a secret. Constantly tortured in school and relegated to the social fringe, he just tries to get through each day as best as possible. The only bright spots in his life are his two friends, Bryan and Diz, and the place they all share: a wondrous game world called Haven. All of this changes, however, when he’s noticed by the most popular cheerleader in school. Suddenly, things start to look up! He’s in love, finding confidence and enjoying his daily life for the first time… until past decisions come back to haunt him. Harassed by Nicole’s angry ex-boyfriend, and forced to deal with his best friend Diz’s jealousy and suspicion, Garrett’s life will never be the same. What critics have said about previous productions: “(Playwright Gregory Crafts) has thrown in surprising details and created authentic characters who give us a fresh twist on teen angst.” – Backstage West “Wonderfully written, Friends Like These is a must see play and will put a knot in your stomach by the end.” – L.A. Theatre Review “You will be changed after seeing Friends Like These.” – Proxart Magazine “Crafts eloquently captures the petty jealousies, pointless cruelties, and heightened self-consciousness of painful adolescence.” – Backstage “…a shrewd study of modern adolescence.” –

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