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Sex, Lies, and Social Media

ensemble theatre · the alliance of los angeles playwrights (alap) · Ages 15+ · United States

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RICHARD PIERCE certified reviewer June 24, 2014
Elin Hampton’s “Casey 229” is the only piece of the five short plays presented at ALAP’s “Sex, Lies and Social Media” that seamlessly integrates all the elements of the aforementioned title; sex, lies and social media, organically in a ten minute piece with three dimensional characters and a fully fleshed out story that is surprising, entertaining and funny. Performances by David Fury and Elin Hampton only heighten the believability and add to the abundant humor. Kudos to David Fury for fluid and unobtrusive direction. This collection of plays is only worth attending to see this polished gem.... full review
PEG DAVIS certified reviewer June 10, 2014
Sex, Lies, and Social Media was a great way to start off this year's Hollywood Fringe! A wonderfully diverse group of short plays, all entertaining, all with terrific performances, created a delightfully quick hour. "Uncomfortable Sex" by Lorin Howard, took my prize as a touching look at an uncomfortable subject...uncomfortable, at first, simply because the two characters discussing it are OLD. The audience noticeably hushed as these two started down a path, even young lovers don't dare tread. It was a fascinating, timely and endearing dip into a delicate subject - - yes, there actually STILL is one! Great job. Go see the entire show! ... full review
ALPHA BLAIR certified reviewer June 17, 2014
Pitch-perfect performances in touching, funny, well-written plays! I was glad I made time to see Sex, Lies, and Social Media.... full review
MARINA PALMIER certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Fun and varied individual 10min plays. Loved Elin Hampton's "Casey229"--full of surprises and well acted by both Elin herself and director/David Fury. Dan Berkowitz in "The Devil Made Me Do it," was a hoot. ... full review
CATHERINE PELONERO certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: comedy · funny · Berkowitz · hampton
Go! Sex, Lies and Social Media features five very funny, very well done short plays. Running just an hour, with fine writing and acting (including humorous and quirky interludes during the lightning-fast scene changes), the show is well paced and a fun, quick thrill from start to finish. Stand outs in this all round fine show are "Casey 229" by Elin Hampton and "The Devil Made Me Do It" by Dan Berkowitz, both of which had the audience howling with laughter. Hampton and Berkowitz also perform in their own plays, demonstrating that they are very funny both on the page as well as on the stage. Great show, highly recommend.... full review
ALYSON MEAD certified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: sex · lies · social media · short plays · ALAP
ALAP's Sex, Lies & Social Media is an ambitious mix of five 10-minute plays about the intersection of human life. Mary Steelsmith's Happy and Gay is the strongest piece (and the first of the bunch), about two women decorating a church for its first gay wedding. The others offer unique insight into the human condition, especially how we allow ourselves to become a little more open and vulnerable (or not). Surprises and twists abound in all the plays. I would have preferred the plays be presented without a "host," but others may feel differently. Best of luck to everyone involved in this eclectic group of plays!... full review

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