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Dick & Jayne Get A Life

ensemble theatre · three peas productions, lazlo vidor productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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Only production from LA and entire state of CA to be accepted. Performs May 2014 in Prague! Join our Crowdtilt campaign!

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DICK: Does this have something to do with the Aisle of Sex and the Consequences Thereof?
JAYNE: Yes. NO. yes. Maybe

I love you. Weird.

Peppur has her finger on the pulse of the people, and has written a timeless romantic comedy that gives hope to all of us. This is a great show and not to be missed. – Bob Leggett, Examiner

-Hampton does an amazing thing with Dick. He makes him a horrible comedian.

-Adelman (Jayne)…is a nominee for Most Likely To Fall Off The Deep End.

-What it does offer, though, is the chance for two unextraordinary and flawed people to somehow make the quantum leap from individual disastrous lives to a shared disastrous one, thus confirming the immutable law that for every Dick there is a Jayne, just like in the books that taught us to read. – James Scarborough, Huffington Post

If offbeat and quirky characters and situations are your thing this is the play for you. Not quite a straight play not the kind of play I think I’ve ever seen before. Writer is very creative and actors are SUPERB!!! – Anonymous

An Unfunny Funny Comedy
With his already horrible comedy career on the line due to a failed relationship, Dick’s manager implores him to find the funny or never come back to the comedy club. Dick feels he can only be funny if he has a girlfriend. Enter Jayne. Pregnant by asshole Alex, broke, scared and faced with a decision, she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Jayne finds comfort in the warped, gallant arms of Dick and Dick finds comfort in the symmetry of their names. Together, Dick & Jayne Get A Life.

Like attracts like in Peppur Chambers’ one-hour play, directed by Les Wieder, as two weirdos find solace with and in one another in this quirky, sorta romantic sorta comedy.

production team

peppur chambers *
shakir chambers *
three peas productions - producer
shavonne wieder *
marketing director
hannah leister *
"stage hand 1"/clinician
brent mcewan *
harry and steve
kate prendergast mesirow *
mary joining for best of fringe extension

* Fringe Veteran