Maeve's Post Colonial 12th House Party

Solo Show · jennifer h caldwell · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere

The astrological chart looks like a wheel made up of 12 houses which each represent a different aspect of our lives. The 12th house holds ghosts from childhood and past generations; secrets, the unseen, what lies underneath, the subconscious – you get the picture. This house is one of the most difficult to define in a way that can be useful in our lives. Enter Maeve.


Maeve’s been around the block for a few centuries. She’s been doing her level best to learn astrology. Early on, it was obvious to Maeve that the powers that be were co-opting cultural symbols and imbuing them with meaning that suit their own narrow interests. You might find it hard to believe but that still holds true today – . even when it comes to astrology.


Between weathering a storm with Alexandra Romanov and a couple of Quaaludes with Nancy Reagan, our Maeve has been busy deconstructing the narratives manufactured by colonizers in any given era she happened to drop into. You’re in luck because Maeve’s here today. She’s having a 12th house party and you’re invited to join her for a rollicking good time and to take a peek at what goes on in that mysterious house – the good the bad and the underreported. 


Content Warning: This performance contains descriptions and discussions of racism, genocide, sexually contracted disease, drug use and slavery.

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