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TU hits the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival with “The Divine Madness of Isabella,” “Round Rock” and the return of “25 Plays Per Hour.”

LOS ANGELES – Recognizing the growth in participation and popularity of the Hollywood Fringe Festival and its strong foothold in the local arts community, Theatre Unleashed is proud to offer three shows in this year’s lineup.

“This festival is bringing together the theatre community and patrons in a truly remarkable way,” said Jacob Smith, co-artistic director. “We had quite a presence at last year’s festival and we wanted to be even more involved this year.”

TU’s three shows at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe include:

The Divine Madness of Isabella – Lovers. Poets. Zannis. Dukes. Madmen. Enter the world of Isabella Andreini, greatest actress of the commedia dell’Arte. Finding herself performing alone on a stage, Isabella is challenged to improvise a new scenario – the story of her life. Isabella uses her unparalleled craft to tell her story and delve into the madness that fuels her art. Using masks, puppets and sheer imagination, award-winning actress Wendy Gough brings back her 20 + characters in a show that flies by at a breakneck pace.

Round Rock – Round Rock is the Texas legend of the Sam Bass Gang, a group of notorious outlaws in the late 1800’s best known for committing the largest train robbery in U.S. history. At the center of a jurisdictional crisis between the old and new law enforcement agencies of America, the gang must choose between a life of adventure and life of convention. A story about love and friendship, this full-length from acclaimed playwright Aaron Kozak (The Birthday Boys) brings the traditional Western to the stage in a drama unlike any other.

25PPH – TU brings back its audience favorite! The rebirth of the Super Short, 25PPH features 25 original plays with a handful of the company’s premiere actors playing over 50 characters…in less than an hour. Fusing comedy, drama and everything in between, these amazing pieces make for speed theatre at its best!

Plus, TU will offer one of its wildly popular 24-Hour Theatre Events featuring participants from multiple theatre companies. The company also has plans for some exciting publicity stunts to help announce its presence…details coming soon.

“We just finished a highly successful run with The Spidey Project, one of our best shows ever,” said Carlos Martinez, co-artistic director. “What better way to follow up that success then by taking a big part in this festival. We’re extremely excited.”

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