Four Clowns Presents: Shakedown at the Dusty Spur!

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LOS ANGELES, CA, MAY 2019: LA’s favorite clown troupe Four Clowns makes their triumphant return to the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival with a brand new show, “Four Clowns Presents: Shakedown at the Dusty Spur!” Four Clowns is dishing out their signature fare of physical comedy, this time with an old western twist. It’s a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy shootin’ romp of a show that will have you cheering the heroes, booing the villains and laughing your chaps off!

Winner of 8 Hollywood Fringe Awards, Four Clowns is excited to return for their 6th year. Past Hollywood Fringe Awards include:
2015 – Best in Physical Theatre (The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah)
2013 – Best World Premiere (Me Rich You Learn)
2013 – Best in Physical Theatre (Me Rich You Learn)
2012 – Best in Physical Theatre (Four Clowns presents That Beautiful Laugh)
2011 – Top of the Fringe (Romeo + Juliet)
2011 – Best World Premiere (Romeo + Juliet)
2011 – Best in Physical Theatre (Romeo + Juliet)
2010 – Best in Physical Theatre (Four Clowns)

Freshly appointed Artistic Director and Director Joe DeSoto comes with a lot of experience. As a clown, DeSoto toured with Ringling Brothers and performed all over the country. He joined Four Clowns in 2015 as a performer and moved onto directing as well. Most recently, DeSoto directed Four Clowns’ version of Twelfth Night, “Welcome to Illyria!” Working on this new show, DeSoto says: “For many years, I’ve been a big fan of old American melodramas. With their dashing heroes and mustache-twirling villains, they always brought a smile to my face. With “Shakedown at the Dusty Spur!”, I want to take this classic formula and inject a bit Four Clowns buffoonery into it. We’re bringing audiences a jam-backed hour of entertainment, filled with live music, singing, dancing, audience interaction, and lots and lots of physical comedy. It’s been a blast creating this show, and I can’t wait for audiences to experience it!”

Four Clowns is constantly seeking to expand their clown roster, and “Shakedown!” features an ensemble of six, five of whom are performing with us for the very first time. The show stars Tommy Fleming as DALLAS DEVEREAUX, Turner Frankosky as IKE MAYNARD, Elisabeth Hower as MARYBETH MAYNARD, Benji Kaufman as LOGAN LESSERMAN, Liz Morgan as MAYBELLINE MAYNARD and Jason Poston as COLT “THE CORPSE” MCCOY. With Assistant Director & Stage Manager: Harim Sanchez; Costume Designer: Erin Colleran; Sound Designer: Aaron Lyons; Set Designer: Jax Ball; Graphic Designer: Sam Schweikert; Artistic Director, Producer & Director: Joe DeSoto and Producers: Julia Davis & Harim Sanchez

ABOUT FOUR CLOWNS – Four Clowns is a Los Angeles based, nationally touring, award winning, clown troupe dedicated to entertaining audiences and experimenting with the relationship between actors and audience all whilst shining a light on humanity. Four Clowns implements aspects of physical theatre, text, music, dance, and the shattering of the fourth wall in all their productions. The company is constantly redefining the audience’s relationship to the performers on stage. Four Clowns’ multiple-award-winning, critically acclaimed productions have played in Sao Paolo, Brazil; New York City (La MaMa & Theatre Row, Off-Broadway); Chicago (NeoFuturists); Las Vegas; San Francisco; Minneapolis; Indianapolis; Phoenix; Kingsland, GA; Telluride, CO; and all-over Southern California, including South Coast Repertory and REDCAT. For more information on the company and upcoming shows, stay in touch with Four Clowns on social media: “Like” on Facebook; follow on Twitter @4clowns; follow on Instagram @fourclowns; or visit the website at

We only have 5 shows and tickets are selling FAST! The dates are:
• June 9th at 9:30 pm
• June 14th at 11:55 pm
• June 22nd at 7:00 pm
• June 29th at 1:30 pm
• June 30th at 1:30 pm

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