All Our Pretty Songs

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John Brahan and Dan Schultz return to the Hollywood Fringe Festival with their latest work, All Our Pretty Songs. In this musical, Neil, a mediocre musician, moves to Los Angeles to “make it” as a rockstar. Through the constant ups and downs of LA living, Neil struggles with a big decision. Should he keep pursuing his dreams or cut his losses? This 60 minute three-person show explores idealism vs. cynicism, the practicality of pursuing art in a capitalist society, and millennials’ struggle with mental health. All Our Pretty Songs will have five performances on June 9th at 5:30pm, June 13th at 8:30pm, June 17th at 5:30pm, June 22nd at 10:00pm, and June 29th at 8:00pm at Studio C on 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door or starting May 1st on the Hollywood Fringe Festival website by using the following link:

In a study conducted at Sydney University, professor of psychology Dianna Kenny reported that “popular musicians’ lifespans were up to 25 years shorter than the comparable US population” between 1950 and June 2014. With the mythology of the 27 Club and the stereotypical portrayal of rowdy, rockstar life, a finding like Kenny’s is not hard to believe. Perhaps the conditions under which artists are expected to perform leads to potential substance abuse or maybe the personality archetype of “the rockstar” includes depression and reckless behavior. All Our Pretty Songs explores the pressures that “chasing your dreams” puts on Neil, an impressionable young man who desires greatness. When his older cousin Rich questions his musicianship and his Tinder date Kendall rejects his advances, Neil hits what he perceives as rock bottom, but is it low enough to warrant his desire to end everything he has ever wanted? Throughout the show, the three characters grapple with the decision to walk a practical path in life or chase a dream that may never be realized.

John Brahan and Dan Schultz met at The University of Mississippi where they studied Theatre Arts. Last summer, the duo made their Hollywood Fringe Festival debut in Ain’t That America. Their politically charged drama won the Fight the Power Award, the Best of the Broadwater, and TVolution’s Platinum Award, Best Drama, and Best Actor. This year Brahan and Schultz are joined by producer Mitchell Collins, another creative from The University of Mississippi, and actress Shanlie Phillips in their first fringe experiences.

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