Psychodelicate's Magical Playtime

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Psychodelicate’s Magical Mystery Comedy Show
Comes to the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Press Contact
Alayha Aquarian
[email protected]
Los Angeles, CA, May 18, 2018. Psychodelicate is an immersive, existential, magical,
variety show. Psychodelicate and her Psychedelic Clown Jam Band, “The In Toxic Ants,”
invite you to inquire into the nature of reality and discover the ability to create new ones! It will be fun! May cause mind altering experiences.
Opens May 31st at Studio C – 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038.

An interdimensional traveler/Psychonaut/Mystic/Clown is here now to spread the Good News of the Multiverse, to open hearts and expand minds through interdimensional travel demonstration and practicum. To fulfill on her mission, she’s hosting a variety show interspersed with lessons from her travels through the multiverse.

Performance Dates:
Thursday, May 31, 7 pm
Thurs. June 7, 10 pm
Thursday, June 14, 5:30 pm
Saturday, June 16, 10:30pm
Wednesday, June 20, 7pm

Tickets $15
Ages 13+ · 55 mins

WHERE: Studio C – 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038

Psychodelicate And The In Toxic Ants
Helene Udy, Jennifer Jonassen, Michael Soldati, Sierra Sullivan, Em Hoggett, Rasika Mathur, James Kyson, Will Constantino, Robert Strong, Grayson Morris, Carrie Reinagel, Joe Borfo, Steve Chang, Michael Rayner, Alan Rich, Josh Berkowitz, Kiya Sinewave, Jacqi Bowe, Corina Calderon, Mathew Godfrey, Maxwell Rich, Paul Reimers

Produced by Alayha Aquarian
Co-directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson
Co-producers and Performers: Michael Gardiol, Carrie Reinegal
For press comps, photos, and additional information, please contact:
Alayha Aquarian at [email protected] or 310-463-4352

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