OCT 2009

Theatre Asylum Joins the Fringe

Matthew Quinn and Theatre Asylum were amongst the very first to support us during the planning process. It is the first venue to join from that part of Hollywood’s Santa Monica blvd know as Theatre Row.

Mr. Quinn is a partner with C.A.F.E. Arts and owner/manager of both Theatre Asylum in LA and Off-Market Theatres in San Francisco. He has witnessed first-hand the benefits a Fringe can provide a city’s arts scene. Matthew has been amazingly supportive of our efforts thus far (he is on our advisory board) and we couldn’t be more grateful for his sage counsel and encouragement.

This is a fantastic space (two, actually!); I think it wins my personal honorable mention for “most comfortable seats” in Hollywood. Theatre Asylum is an ongoing host to some of the most interesting and innovative work in comedy. Check out their MySpace for more information on what’s coming up.

This is the fifth Fringe venue to sign for those keeping count. More to come!

Here’s some more information on Theatre Asylum for the curious amongst you:


This beautiful 72 seat (from Warner Brothers Private Screening Room) Venue is located on Santa Monica Blvd & Vine 0n Theatre Row in Hollywood.

It’s 1900 sq/ft with a 20 × 20 and a full inventory of lights, sound and video. Part of the Elephant Stageworks and originally called Elephant Theater Asylum, we are proud to be part of this thriving artistic community.