SEP 2009

The Paul G. Gleason Theatre joins the Fringe

A hearty welcome to the Paul G. Gleason Theatre on Hollywood blvd., our newest addition as an official Hollywood Fringe venue. We are quite proud to have this wonderful space right in the heart of central Hollywood open its doors to the Fringe.

Here’s some information on the theatre’s namesake, Mr. Paul Gleason:

Paul G. Gleason is one of the most brilliant acting coaches in Los Angeles.
First generation in Alexander technique, Mr. Gleason directed and coached half of the Hollywood talent. He has had a long history on different sides of the entertainment business. Mr. Gleason runs the Paul G. Gleason Theatre in Hollywood and was artistic director of the American Center for Music and Theatre for over twenty years; he has privately coached actors such as Richard Chamberlain, Mary Tyler Moore, and Ed Asner. To add to his illustrious career, Mr. Gleason has also taught master classes in theatre, opera, musical theatre, and dance at many schools around the world.

Learn more about the theatre at www.acmt.org.