JUN 2010

Congratulations to all the winners of the Fringe-sponsored awards!

We will be posting the winners of the other awards presented yesterday later in the afternoon.


  • Top of the Fringe Award: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!
  • Fringe First Award (world premiere): The Birthday Boys
  • Fringe International Award: BURTON
  • Fringe Award for Theatre: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!
  • Fringe Award for Comedy: The British Invasion
  • Fringe Award for Musicals & Operas: Rehab! The Musical
  • Fringe Award for Music: The Poxy Boggards
  • Fringe Award for Cabaret/Circus: FreakShow Deluxe
  • Fringe Award for Dance & Physical Theatre: 4 Clowns
  • Fringe Award for Visual Art: Gavin Worth Art Exhibit


The Gusher Award, for the Fringe staffer who shed the most blood
Bryan Burgess

The Fringe Central Rat Award, for making FC their Fringe home
Nik Coppin, Gedaly Gubrick, Pam Noles

Why did I tell you that? …for the most embarrassing story at a Fringe Jam
Lisa Keddie, Jon Armstrong (runner up)

The Work Horse Award, volunteers with the most commitment to Fringe
Liz Steele, Nathaniel Beaver, Gill Torres, Becca Miller

The Bike Horse Awards, Fringers most dedicated to bike transport
Enci Box, Stephen Box, Steven Leigh Morris (honorary)

Mayor of Fringe Central, for the FourSquare Mayor
Rachel Stoll

Early Planner, for the first to market their Fringe shows
David Wisehart, Greg Crafts

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